Shenzhen Zexabox limited, referred to as Zeyun technology, is a professional Supplier that focuing on the solutions of security video surveillance field,Zexabox combined international technology development and localization of the market demand.By virtue of years development experience and technical accumulation in storage field.
  Zexabox published a variety of video surveillance storage products based on general data storage technology,including video rveillance video storage, cloud storage,video storage, video surveillance  management platform.
  Zexabox constantly making  innovations, developed the unique video file system VFS,the industry' s leading RQR technology,VRAID technology, which can greatly improve the disk read and write speed , shorten the array reconstruction time and increase the tolerance for  the disk system fault.
  Zexabox flollowed the  trend of market, continuous innovation, and strive to provide  perfect  practical   function , stable performance superior storage products for customers. The unique solutions in monitoring, data storage, cloud storage center, large data fields, are widely used in    government    , security monitoring   , transportation   ,  education, medical and health research and different walks of life.
  Zexabox is established in the specialized storage and solution strategy, adhering toopening-up and cooperation, and makee unremitting efforts for  building  the best storage products in the field of  security monitoring.